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9 Jun 2020 - 31 Jul 2020
Canada – Germany Industrial AI Solutions

All pitch presentations received until July 31, 2020 will be posted for other participants to consults. Participants must use the pitch slide presentation template provided in the “resources” section. Only this format will be accepted. All pitch presentations must be provided by email to IRAP.International.Forms-Formulaires.international.PARI@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca.

Pitch presentations will be added as they are received.

National Research Council researchers

German research institutes

Canadian research institutes

German small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Canadian small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)



Closed since 31 July 2020

Organised by


Canada 97
Germany 79
Romania 1
Total 177


Canadian SME 35
NRC Researcher 19
Canadian Research Institution 23
German SME 9
German Research Institution 52
Association/Agency 11
Authority/Government 14
Other 14
Total 177